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Autism Life and Fear Of Change day 3 of 30 day challenge

So, today is the third day I’ve written this post. I am writing about the fear of change. Change can be scary and I don’t mean dimes and nickles, those can just be confusing. Seriously, why do they make the one worth less bigger than the one worth more? The size of currency should reflect it’s value. I am getting off track. When people start talking about majorly changing the course of life, you can start heading towards a meltdown. When someone just changes the course of your life without asking you, you will go into a meltdown. I hadn’t thought of writing about meltdowns until art and aspergers wrote about it.

Art and aspergers did such a good job about writing about meltdowns that I am not going to cover it again. Anyways, meltdowns aren’t fun. They’re pretty horrible, if you don’t catch them and stop them in time. I am not writing too much today.

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Life With Autism Day 2 of 30 day challenge

So, death. Yeah, I am writing about a topic most people don’t even want to think about, let alone talk about. What I’ve always wanted to know and always puzzles me is why people respond so negatively towards the topic of death. There was a pre-production film called Death Day where you’re born knowing the day you die and the day before you die everyone throws a huge party. I thought that was wonderful, but everyone else hated it. Why? Wouldn’t it be great to know when you’re going to die, so you can have a formal celebration and have proper closure with people you’ve had issues with? Or even better tell people you hate “Well, tomorrow I die, so it’s the best day on earth cause I won’t have to see you!”

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to make death sound like a great thing, it just is what it is. If it weren’t for death, we’d have Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler and every other loon who has ever lived fighting for control of the world. Since no one could die, people would have a terrible time, because those loons would make them wish they could die.  I know I may sound dark, but these are things that I’ve wondered about today, so I am writing about them.  One thing that offends most people is that I refuse to go to funerals, because why do I want to be around people who are crying? I wouldn’t want that. I’d want people to party and do the craziest things they could think of at my funeral.

People seem to like things without any fluctuation, which is quite boring. Do you really want to live by the status quo that you hate and rant about while you’re drunk? I wouldn’t want to do that.  If you had a choice would you rather be in an office working in a little cubicle doing a mundane job or doing something that is risky as hell, but a thrill ride and makes money? I like the risky as hell thrill rides, because then you never work a day in your life and you just have fun!

When someone was grilling me the other day about how risky something I am doing is I said “Things aren’t any fun without risk. The more risk involved, the more fun it is!!!” They haven’t taken much risk in their life. They do the same thing everyday, day in, day out. I do a lot of different things, and not all of them have that epic adrenaline rush I love, but some do.

One great example is the guy who jumped from space to the ground to help advertise Red Bull. Man, that would be awesome to do!! I don’t have anyone who would pay for me to jump from space, but that does sound like fun.

I am not giving career advice, I am just trying to write one post a day about life with autism, and everything I wrote about reflects the way I look at things, which some of it is not related to autism at all, but before I’ve put things up that I thought weren’t autistic traits and found out other wise. I’ve met some very boring people on the autistic spectrum, but others who are awesome and fun to be around.
Anyways, those are a couple things I’ve thought about today. I wonder what tomorrow’s post will be like? Well, you’ll see it when I see it!

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aspergers & neurotypicals: the language barrier.

Have you ever felt like your life is split into two factions, yet you don’t want there to be any factions ? When I say factions, I mean the way people with aspergers talk and the way neurotypicals talk. It feels like people who are normal speak in a different dialect of english and or any other language.

What am I talking about? I’m talking how people who are normal speak in illiteral phrases and literal phrases mixed all together.
Those who have aspergers think & speak more literally. Here is what happens when you mix neurotypical with a-typical and a cellphone together
Aspie: hello?
Neurotypical friend: hey man, how are you?
Aspie: fine.
Neurotypical friend: what are you doing?
Aspie: talking to you.
End of conversation.
The neurotypical person thinks you are being a smart aleck by answering what are you doing with talking to you. Your not being a smart aleck, your saying what your doing & the question is pointless since they called you and know that you are talking to them right now.
I’ve examined neurotypical people at great lengths & their form of communication is still baffling. I can explain what the person meant to say. Here is what they’re really trying to say.
Aspie: Hello?
Neurotypical friend: hey man, what has been going on in your life lately?
Aspie: oh, well I’m sick.
Neurotypical friend: oh, I’m sorry your sick. What were you doing before I called & or are still doing while talking to me?
Aspie: well, I’m trying to make dinner…
End conversation
As you can tell this is a much more productive conversation with sensible sentences, sadly this never happens in real life. Note that I put Neurotypical friend, that’s because you answer the original question how are you & what are you doing totally different to a stranger. Why can’t life be more sensible? Maybe because people think they are being sensible and to most people they are, but not to a-typical people.

The language barrier is a massive fight to overcome and I have to say I do understand people better than three years ago, but boy do I have a long way to go!!!
I’d like to hear comments on this, so please post.

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